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Efficient AC Contractor in Miami

Miami experiences a tropical monsoon climate characterized by hot and humid summers with short warm winters. This is attributed its proximity to the Gulfstream and its location just above the tropic of cancer. Temperatures during summers can be so high ranging between mid 80s and low 90s. In this sweltering heat, the last thing you would want is an Air Conditioner unit that is not working efficiently.

AC Repair Miami is a locally owned HVAC company
that has a wealth of experience servicing client needs across Miami and Dade County. Our experts are fully certified, licensed and insured to work in every area of Miami. The expertise that our workforce has developed over the years enables them to confidently install, repair and maintain any HVAC unit. Our services have transformed the lives of our clients making them comfortable in their homes.

We use advanced equipment in our repair services thereby guaranteeing our clients quality results. Some of the equipment includes state of art ac diagnostic tools, ac gauges, ac leak detectors and latest compressor clutch equipment. We determine with precision the cause of the ac problems before embarking on a comprehensive repair process.

We give free estimates and upfront quotes to our client’s before any work begins. This serves as an assurance that nothing strange or unexpected will surface midstream. Our pricing is competitive and always benchmark to the industry average.

Our Air Conditioning Services

We have a comprehensive service portfolio that caters for both commercial and residential clients. We conduct regular surveys to assess the suitability of our services to the needs of our clients. This helps us to continuously update our HVAC solutions to bring them up to speed with the client’s expectations.

AC Installation
Our team of certified experts has the experience and skills required to assess whether you need a new ac installation for your home. Most of the times, we recommend fresh installations in instances where the ac is completely worn out and therefore unable to efficiently service your home. We also advice new clients on the right type of ac to install for their homes. Our installation services are of high quality and are always completed on time and within budget. Our experts and project managers will give you progress reports at every point in the installation process. This will help in keeping you informed about the goings on within your premises.

We pride ourselves in being that local company which not only meets but also exceeds your expectations. We install various HVAC units including heat pumps, air handlers, water cooled units, condensers and many others.

AC Repair and Maintenance
The 15 years we have been in operation have enabled us to interact with all the major brands in the market. Whether you have an AC unit from Bryant, Carrier, Ruud, Goodman, American Standard or Westinghouse, we have experience in working with all those brands and many others. This relationship has also given us the opportunity to carry warranties on behalf of these models. This means that our clients enjoy the ultimate benefit of affordable and competitively priced parts.

Before our experts repair your ac unit, they first of all assess all the dimensions to know the model of the unit, the age and any possible warranties that it may have. This enables us to design a comprehensive approach on how to deal with the repairs. The main repair activities that we undertake include:

Detection and Repair of Refrigerant Leakages – A leaking ac unit cannot be able to work efficiently. Our technicians will replace the tubing to prevent persistent leaks. Where necessary, they will also recharge the system.

Repair or Replacement of Worn out Fan Belts – Our experience with ac units gives us an upper hand in repair or replacement of squealing fan belts. We know the right belt that will work efficiently with your ac.

Repair of Fan Motors – Defective motors tend to interfere with air circulation. Where necessary, our certified technicians will repair or replace them altogether.

Repair of Compressors – Being the heart of the ac unit, faulty compressors can easily render the entire system nonfunctional. Using state of the art facilities, we will run checks to establish the cause of the problem and the extent of the damage. This enables us to do repairs or recommend a total overhaul of the compressor unit.

We run a monthly and annual maintenance checks to ensure that your ac systems are up and running. This significantly reduces emergency breakdowns. We advise our clients to have their ac units checked before the onset of summer to guarantee them quality service all through.

Our skilled technicians work round the clock in making sure that you are covered. In case of any query or service call, kindly contact us and we will respond promptly.