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We Specializes in AC Maintenance

Ac Repair Miami understands the sacrifice and investment that you have put in your ac units. The best you can expect from them is an efficient service and optimal performance. However, with time, ac units tend to lose their efficiency in one way or another. This is often reflected in soaring power bills which can even go to double their normal cost. It is on this premise that we decided to design a comprehensive maintenance plan that covers all your ac units. Our certified technicians are skilled and experienced to handle all your HVAC maintenance needs. They also work 24/7 just to ensure that you are comfortable and that your heating and cooling system is working efficiently.

Signs that Your Air Conditioner Needs Maintenance

Whenever you see your ac units displaying some of these signs, just to know that it is due for maintenance and alert our professionals immediately.

Odd Noises – When you turn on your ac unit, the only sound you should hear is that of the ac switching on. Any other noises may indicate a problem. For instance, loud noises may signify an electrical system that is almost shorting out. Clunking noises on the other hand could signal a fan that is falling apart or in need of adjustment.

Lukewarm Air – If the air coming out of the vents is not hot enough but rather lukewarm; you need to ask for help. This could point towards a heating or cooling element that is leaking, broken or severed.

What is Included In Our Maintenance Plan

We have the most detailed and comprehensive maintenance plan that covers each of the ac unit. Remember you can always schedule a maintenance exercise with us at your own convenience. We do have monthly and yearly plans depending on the components being serviced.

Refrigerant Check and Replacement
The refrigerant is what cools your house. Whenever it loses its pressure due to leakages, the entire ac unit is affected. Also, if the refrigerant level is running low, the ac unit will be forced to work overtime and ultimately burn out. Our technicians have the latest leak detection equipment which monitors the pressure of the ac unit. They also know the right type of coolant that matches your unit. For instance, older units use R-22 while the latest ac units use R-410a.

Cleaning and Checking the Condensing Coil
This is the coil that is responsible for cooling in the ac unit. From time to time, dirt and dust accumulate on it thereby reducing its efficiency. To cut down on power consumption, we clean this coil on a yearly basis before summer sets in. This will guarantee you a more efficient ac unit and lower power bills.

Cleaning and Replacement of Filters
Filters play an integral role in preventing dirt and dust from entering the ac unit. However, with time the filters too become clogged. Dirty filters block the normal flow of air thereby reducing the ac system efficiency. Replacing or cleaning the filters will significantly lower energy consumption by almost 15%. Our technicians can do this efficiently.

Cleaning of Evaporator Coils
In the course of ac operation, evaporator coils gradually pick dirt. This accumulated dirt reduces air flow and insulates the coil thus reducing its heat absorption ability. By cleaning these coils, the ac unit will absorb heat much more efficiently and increase its effectiveness.

Cleaning of Condensate Drains
Whenever your ac system suffers clogged drain channels, its ability to reduce humidity is also hampered. This results into excess moisture which often causes water damage through ac leakage. To save you the trouble of discolored walls and yellowing carpets, our certified technicians will help you clean the drains as part of our routine maintenance program. In addition, we offer other maintenance services aimed at giving you total peace of mind that your ac system will serve you without hitches. We lubricate moving parts, check expansion valves, inspect heat exchangers, test voltage of mortars, test operating pressures, adjust blower components, check for proper air flow and calibrate thermostats.

Sign Up For Our HVAC Maintenance Services

Whether you have a problem with your heat pump or you want to schedule an ac maintenance service, our professionals will assist you accordingly. They are certified by the highest examining and licensing body in Florida thereby qualified to handle all your needs.

We operate 24/7 and as such available at all times even during holidays and weekends. When you suffer an AC breakdown or you just want a regular check, feel free to contact us. Our experience working with major brands such as Bryant, Ruud, American Standard, York and Goodman has given us the ability to service a wide range of ac units. Our services are affordable and our response time is impressive.

To schedule an appointment or maintenance exercise, you can contact us through email or phone.