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The High Benefits Of Keeping The Air Conditioner Coils Clean

In every single air conditioner  that you see at any household there are two carefully laid coils that are responsible for bringing in cool air and blowing out the warm air.  The first coil is the evaporator coil which is called by the mechanical term as the indoor coil. The other coil is the condenser coil which is also referred to as the outdoor coil. Due to the improvement in technological world the modern air conditioner coils are made of thin aluminum  fins or tubular copper..  The only sure  way of extending the life of your air conditioning system is by keeping these coils well maintained. This also ensures that the air conditioner works at its peak performance.
Air Conditioner Coils Clean
The First Coil  Named the Air Handling Coil
Inside the home is the air handler coil  in which the evaporator coil resides. This coil absorbs heat from the air in the room replacing it with cooler air. The coils are protected partially by the air conditioning filters. These air conditioning filters should be replaced after every 30-90 days. As they filter  the air, dirt and other debris  from the air does land on the coil. It is very important to clean off the dirt because it’s the only way to keep the evaporator coil working and also ensure efficient air cooling in the room.
Condenser Coil
Outside the home is where we find the  air conditioner’s condenser. The unit  consists  of the  condenser coil which main job is to take the warm air from the room blowing it off to the outside environment. The condenser coils are usually open. While this is important for the efficient and proper flow of air, it means that the coils can easily get filthy  with debris and dirt such as bugs, leaves, germs, and grass clippings.
The Horror of Dirty Coils
When the air conditioning coils become dirty they become less efficient in the transfer of heart. This therefore forces the entire air conditioning unit to work harder to cool the room temperature. This by extension puts strain to the air conditioning unit which causes early failure of the unit or at times inefficient cooling.  Therefore in addition to early breakdown of the air conditioning systems, dirty coils leads to 30% reduction in efficiency of the unit.
Keeping Coils Clean
The maintenance and keeping cleanliness of the air conditioner cools usually requires the services of professionals..  The coils are usually buried deep inside the units. In addition the coils are very delicate and need to be cleaned with the proper amount of cleaning solutions and pressure.