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Best Air Conditioning Repair Service Miami

The hot and humid summers of Miami require an efficient and reliable ac system. This will guarantee you a quality indoor environment even if the outside temperatures are on their high. Unfortunately, summers also happen to be the times when most ac units breakdown. This can be inconveniencing especially if it happens at night or during holidays and weekends when most HVAC companies are not in operation. However, the good news is that AC Repair Miami works 24/7. We have a reliable team of certified experts that are always on call both day and night. With over 15 years of service under our belt, we pride ourselves in being the leader in the HVAC industry in Miami.

Our services are not only top of range but also affordable to our clients. We also guarantee fast response to our customers no matter their geographical location.

One of the HVAC areas that we have put a lot of resources is ac repairs. This is because we respect the investment that our clients have put in their units and we do not want to go down the drain. We pride ourselves in being a local company that listens to the needs of our clients.

Common Air Conditioner or Heat Pump Problems

The following ac issues may necessitate urgent attention and repairs where necessary.
• Pooling of water around the ac unit
• Warm air exiting through supply registers
• Odd noises when ac is turned on
• Failure of the ac to turn on
• Inadequate cooling
• Hot spots in particular sections of the house

When you notice any of these anomalies, just know that your ac system could be facing an imminent breakdown and therefore you need to contact a professional HVAC expert.

Our Air Conditioner Repair Solutions

We have the most extensive ac repair services in Miami. As opposed to other HVAC companies, we work round the clock to assure our clients that they can always count on us. Our technicians are always on the move to attend to clients in different areas even at wee hours of the night. Our portfolio of ac repair services includes:

Repair or Replacement of Fan Belts on Commercial HVAC units
Fan belts wear out with usage and time. Also, others wear out due to incorrect installation. Whenever the case, whenever you hear your fan belts letting out some squealing noise, just know that it’s time to either replace or repair. At air conditioner repair miami, we do not advice our clients to replace the belts themselves without our supervision. This is because belts vary in size and one can easily mistake them. For instance, size 3L and 4L could be so close that the difference may not be obvious. We request that our clients contact us to do the repairs or replacement.

Detect and Repair of Refrigerant Leaks from you AC
Leakages of refrigerants may be signaled by a hissing sound from the ac unit. When left unattended, this can reduce the efficiency and performance of the ac unit. Our team of certified experts has state of the art tools required to detect any leakages. In addition, they have the experience and can either recharge the ac system or replace the tubing to prevent further leakage.

Repair of Condensing Unit Fan Motors
Defect ac motors may hinder indoor air circulation. Our technicians have the capacity to repair the motor or replace it where necessary.

Repair or Replacement of the Compressor
The compressor is the heart of the ac unit. It pumps the refrigerant through the line set and coils. At times, the fan may be running but the air still feels warm. This could be a problem with the compressor. Being one of the most expensive components of the ac, our technicians will assess it and repair it. Alternatively, if the problem is severe then replacement may be recommended.

Fixing of AC Power Problems
If the ac does not power, there could be a problem with the wiring or a tripped breaker. Also, the AC may have overheated thereby shutting itself off. The first thing our professionals will do is to check the system before going ahead to fix the wiring and reset the circuit breaker. Also, they will ensure that there is no vegetation that is preventing free air flow to the outdoor ac unit.

What Makes Our HVAC Services Unique

We have an outstanding service delivery culture that puts our clients ahead of everything we do. Our professionals are certified by EPA and they have the necessary experience to be able to work on various models of ac units. We are also famous for our speedy response to both emergencies and regular calls for service. This has earned us respect as the most reliable HVAC Company in Miami.

Our services are affordable because we regularly conduct a price survey which acts as a pricing barometer. We have also forged strategic relationships with the major brands in the market including Trane, Goodman, Lennox, Westinghouse and many more. This gives us an advantage and unmatched familiarity with different models of ac units.

For more information on our air conditioning repair in miami services, you can contact our 24/7 help desk.