Can my home be fitted with new AC that is more powerful

Have you ever wondered if it is better to install a more powerful air conditioner in you home? It seems like a pretty logical idea. If you have a bigger system then it will be able to cool your home faster and more efficiently, right?

The truth is that it is actually not a good idea to get an AC system that is too big for your home or office. Having a unit that is too big will not only cost you more money upfront but it will also end up costing more on your energy bill than a smaller system. What’s even worse than this is that it can also end up leaving your home feeling cold and clammy.

Can my home be fitted with new AC that is more powerfulOne of the major functions of an air conditioning system is that it will remove the humidity from the air. The longer the unit runs the more humidity will be removed from the air. If you have a large system it will cool your home down really quickly but it won’t give it enough time to remove the moisture from the air.

On the other side of the equation it is also not wise to get a unit that is too small for your application. If the system is too small then it will run far longer than it should which will cause undue strain on your system. This will cost more in electricity and the parts of your unit will wear out sooner than if you had the proper size. This is why you need a professional to help determine the proper size for the situation that you are in.

Learn how pro’s rate air conditioning units

Air Conditioning systems are generally measured in BTUs (British Thermal Units) and as the systems get larger they begin to get measured in tons. One ton is equal to about 12,000 BTUs. The general rule of thumb is that you will need about 25 BTUs to coll every square foot of your home. If your home is 1,000 square foot then you will need approximately 25,000 BTUs or a 2 Ton unit.

These measurements can be complicated by the shade that your home receives, the amount of sun that your home gets in a day, the surface area of your roof, the amount of windows, the direction that your home is facing and more. Then you will also need to consider how many people are living in the home and the size of your kitchen, which tends to generate quite a bit of heat. A qualified HVAC professional will be able to calculate all of the variables and be able to suggest the proper size for your home or office.