AC Condensation Problems that Require Repair Services

Ac condesation pipe

Humidity and heat are the two main extremes of comfort witnessed by homeowners during summer. The high moisture levels present in the indoor environment prevent our bodies from sweating and by extension hinder heat loss. This in turn makes the temperature warmer than usual.

Having an efficient air conditioner can go a long way in taming the humidity problem. The evaporator coil which is the component responsible for absorbing heat also absorbs moisture. Water vapor condenses along the evaporator coil and then drips into the shallow drip pan. From there the condensed vapor is drained out into the waste-water system through the drainage line.

Drainage Problems

Whenever the condensate pan, drain, and pump develop problems, they can potentially paralyze the entire condensation and drainage system. For instance a default pan will lead to an overflow which if unchecked will spread into your home. This leads to water damage, a rise in humidity levels and growth in mold and mildew. It helps to contact emergency ac repair companies because they help arrest such situations whenever they occur.

The condensate pump is usually located far down the drain line, and is charged with the responsibility of removing the condensate inside the drain line whenever it rises beyond a certain point. Condensate pumps usually encounter problems related to bad lines, burned out motors or kinked tubes. Professional HVAC experts have the experience needed to detect and fix problematic pumps as well as restore the connections required to restore the pump back into working order.

Improper AC Operation

This is one of the main ac condensation problems that homeowners face. Leaving your windows and outside doors open while the ac is running can cause operational problems. It is advisable you isolate the room or rooms where the ac is operating from the rest of your house. Also the windows of these rooms must be closed whenever the ac system is running; this will ensure noninterference.

Refrigerant Leaks

A refrigerant is the lifeblood of your ac system. During installation, the refrigerant may be erroneously undercharged or leak in the course of operation. These two problems will most certainly affect the condensation process of your ac and by extension its overall performance and efficiency. Adding a refrigerant may not help much hence the need to contact a trained technician to come fix the leaks, test the repair and charge the system with the right amount of refrigerant. Your ac functions optimally when the refrigerant charge matches the specification made by the manufacturer.

Electrical Control Failures

Compressors and fan coils wear out with time especially in instances where the AC is frequently turned on and off. In addition the wires and terminals get corroded hence significantly affecting the cooling and condensation ability of the ac system. With scheduled maintenances and regular checkups, electrical connections and contacts can be assessed for corrosion and fan coils for signs of wearing out.

Sensor Problems

Room AC systems have a thermostat sensor that is located right behind the control panel. The sensor measures the temperature of incoming air. Whenever this sensor gets knocked out of position, the ac cooling cycle will behave erratically leading to the loss in the system cooling power. The sensor should always be near the evaporator coil but should not touch it.

These are just a few of the condensation problems that require the attention of a professional HVAC repair company. During the actual inspection, other problems could be detected.