How Do You Winterize Your Home to Save Energy

When planning your home heating and cooling needs, the number one thing that comes at the top of your mind is how to save energy. Energy is expensive and the more you save the better. There are lots of ways you can use to save on energy and some of these are expensive and beyond reach.

professional winterizing a home

For instance, some households may find installing a brand new and energy efficient furnace or sealing and insulating their ductwork to be very expensive. This is why winterizing your home will always be the cheapest and easy to do process which will save you energy with a few dollars.

Winterize Your Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans contrary to the understanding of many people are not just meant for summer. They are useful in the cold season as well.

You can easily circulate warm air which may have risen to the ceiling by flipping the fan switch and setting it at a low rotating speed. This is especially helpful for homeowners with space heaters and other heating devices which do not produce lots of air circulation.

Draft Stop

During cold times, all the necessary measures must be taken to prevent warm air from escaping your home and cold air from coming in. one of the spaces through which airflow exchange happens is under the door. To arrest this situation, you should buy a draft stop and use it to block the incoming draft from the base of the doors.

Chimney Balloons, Glass Fireplace Doors and Dampers

The fireplace however warm and cozy it may make you feel, is one of the places where energy is mostly wasted. Since your goal is to save as much energy as possible, it is important to close the damper when you are not using the fireplace. A rubber dumper can give you a tight seal or better still you may consider installing a glass fireplace door. Chimney balloons can help you seal up the flue and keep warm air inside your home. Though slightly expensive, you may install a wood stove insert.

Furnaces and Filters

During the winter, the frequency at which you change your furnace filters increases. As a matter of fact, it is recommended that you change them once per month. If you have fiberglass filters which are considered disposable, replace them with electronic or HEPA filters. These are effective in trapping debris and create less waste because they are washable.

Home Energy Audits

Energy audits are beneficial to homeowners because they help you make your home more energy efficient and greener. The good news is that many local utilities and big-box home centers offer free in-home audits. However, you need to carefully assess their recommendations because they are in business and may suggest upgrades which have a long payback period and as such uneconomical.

Winterizing your home can therefore be an excellent way to save extra bucks to help you finance HVAC repairs and maintenance.