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Miami Gardens Air Conditioning CompanyMiami Gardens Air Conditioning Company[/caption]I look for an Miami Gardens HVAC company with emergency 24 hour service. My air conditioner isn’t going to wait until 8 in the morning to break down. It is as likely to fail on Memorial Day or Saturday as it is on a standard work day. I need an AC service contractor with emergency 24 hour service because I don’t want to wait hours or even days for someone to fix my air conditioner.
Air Conditioning companies should do more than install new equipment and repair broken air conditioners. They should offer additional services such as air duct cleaning, air filter installations and consultations to improve my HVAC system’s efficiency. I prefer using AC companies that also repair heaters, heat strips and heat pumps. Then I’m working with the same, reputable company for all of my HVAC needs.
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I prefer using AC companies that offer preventative maintenance agreements over those who only do AC installs and AC repairs. Regular air conditioning maintenance, such as cleaning the coils with an AC coil cleaner and checking the unit’s performance while it is functional, prevent major breakdowns later. A long term maintenance agreement also means that I’m familiar with the technicians who come to my door, and they already know my unit’s maintenance history. If something does break, they know the make and model of my AC and probably already have the parts to fix it.
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Not all HVAC companies use green cleaning products or eco-friendly processes. While a chemical spray in your air ducts will kill the mildew growing there, you probably don’t want to be breathing the chemical fumes left behind. Eco-friendly biocides in the air ducts or AC drain pan are healthier for you, your family, your pets and the planet. Green AC companies will offer eco-friendly ways to improve your indoor air quality such as installing HEPA quality air filters, UV lights to kill mildew and mold instead of spraying toxic chemicals in the air ducts and tune up the AC to reduce its energy efficiency. An often overlooked green HVAC service is the ability to recycle Freon in your air conditioner, avoiding the cost of replacing the refrigerant while removing impurities in the Freon that harm the AC. Or you can ask the AC company to replace the Freon in the air conditioner with an eco-friendly refrigerant that is also compatible with your particular air conditioner.