Process in Cleaning your Air Ducts from Your System

Quality air at home is what most home owners desire after a long days’ work. To achieve such high levels of indoor air quality, the owner should make an effort to regularly consult air duct cleaning technicians with respectable reputation. Duct cleaning services are beneficial for maintaining high levels of pure quality air and also enable the appliance to function efficiently, saving you some dollars on your monthly energy bill. Regular cleaning of the air ducts removes debris that has accumulated in your unit over the normal functioning of the system. If your house is free from dirt and dust, you are guaranteed of easier breathing and cleaner air as bonus. Research has shown that those households that efficiently clean their air ducts have reduced incidences of allergies, asthma and other respiratory complications associated with poor quality of air. When your air conditioning ducts are clogged with dust and dirt, you will be inhaling all those pollutants and your cooling system will not be functioning at its maximum potential, costing you extra money. Getting the services of professional duct cleaners will save you money and assure you of good health.

Miami Air Duct Cleaning
For light and residential ductwork services, cleaning is done using vacuum machines which draws air backwards. The main vents are fitted with agitation devices to dislodge and sweep all debris and eventually remove out of the system. For large systems, technicians may crawl or even walk inside the system to clean it.
Process of Cleaning Air Ducts

The following steps are followed when cleaning air ducts:

Cleaning the air handler

This is the center of the air system. It blows air throughout tour home. It receives air from several or single air registers and, depending on the season, heats it or cools it and distributes it in the entire house via air ducts. This unit has to be cleaned since all the air in your home passes through this unit. Clean air ducts will not be of any use if the handler is not cleaned and decontaminated. This is because as soon as your furnace is turned on, the air that passes through it will be contaminated and therefore contaminating the ducts in the process.

Clean the vent registers

These are grills that attach to the openings of the air ducts. This are the last items the air comes into contact before it enters into your living space, thus the reason it should be cleaned and decontaminated. Cleaning involves the use of water and cleaning detergent.

Clean the air ducts and decontaminate them

The inside of the air ducts is cleaned and decontaminated. It can be done in two ways and involve the use of powered cleaning equipment. In push-pull cleaning, the cleaner attaches negative air machine on one end of the vent and seals off all the other openings in the system in an effort of creating negative pressure. The ducts will then be cleaned with a powered rotating brush. In contact cleaning method, the cleaning company may use very powerful cleaning equipment that has a long hose and a rotating powered brush which disturbs debris clogged in the air ducts. This debris percolates at the end of the long hose.

Apply deodorizer and soot sealer:

This entails the application of one or more cleaning solutions into the air duct system to deodorize it. This gives the system a fresh smell and removes any lingering unpleasant odors that may have accumulated as a result of continued usage.