Top 7 Ways to Save Money on Water Heater Bills

water heating system

Water heating accounts for approximately 12% of utility bills. Having this in mind, every homeowner would want to save some dollars on their utility bills.One way of achieving this is to know how you can minimize energy consumption on water heating. Using the tips discussed below, you can definitely heat water more efficiently in your home and thus saving you hundreds of dollars per year on energy bills.

Take Shorter Showers

If you and your family have been spending lots of time in the shower, you need to change this behavior to taking shorter showers in order to make energy savings. In addition, you can turn off the water while shampooing, soaping up or shaving. A warm bath is such a nice luxury especially after a tiring day, but you should minimize on the number of baths you take per week.

Use Cold Water When Possible

When washing clothes or dishes, consider turning off the heater and use cold water instead especially on warmer seasons like summer. Also, instead of washing clothes or dishes several times a day, you should plan to have one washing a day.

Upgrade Your Water Heating System

The efficiency of your water heating system significantly affects the energy consumption. Older models and makes of water heaters consume lots of energy.You should consider replacing your system with a modern version to make huge savings on power bills. Though the initial cost of replacing might be a bit costly, it will save you thousands of dollars in the long run. When doing replacement, you should ensure that you get a reputable HVAC company. This is because a poorly installed heating system will not operate optimally and hence won’t save you as much energy consumption as desired.

Lower the Temperature of the Water Heater

Lowering the temperature of the water heating system will help you save on energy consumption. For every 10 degrees Fahrenheit reduction in temperature, you save around 3% to 5% on power bills.

Install Heat Traps

Having a professional HVAC technician install heat traps on the water heater tank can save you approximately $15 to $30.

Insulate the Hot Water Storage Tank

Insulating your hot water tank is a great way to saving water heater bill in your home. However, when doing the insulation, you should ensure that for electric tanks you don’t cover the thermostat and for natural gas tanks the burner compartment. Ensure you follow manufacturer’s recommendations when doing the insulation.

Invest in a Timer

For the electric water heater, it will be a good idea to install a timer to automatically turn the heater off when not being used. This will ensure that the heater uses power only when in use. This helps to avoid wastage and in turn saves you money.

These are some of the top ways you can use to save money on the water heating system in your home. Make a choice today to follow them and you will make huge savings at the end of day!